Multiple bank at your fingertip
Veryfund ease & fasten bank transfer verification process of your business
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A successful Online Store must be having a lot of bank accounts in order to accommodate their customer's payment

But the limited capabilities of mobile and internet banking, makes it painful to verify incoming bank transfer one by one

With Veryfund, verifying them manually will be no longer necessary. You can be more focused with sales and customer service


With just one touch, voila! all your incoming bank transfer will be presented in a convenient and user friendly interface!


Using Veryfund, you can verify your customer's payment across various banks immediately

Up to 3 year histories

Having only the last 3 months transaction is no fun! We provide you up to 3 years of transaction histories

Care to share

Refer your friends to download the application and we will provide complimentary gifts for you!

Account reconciliation

No more hassle in reconciling your bank account balance at the end of the month


You can rename every transaction at your convenience, and it will remembers for your similar future transaction

Safe and secure

We employ military grade security and encryption procedure. No one can move any money other than yourself!

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